More About Me. A Continuous Learner and Problem Solver. 

I’m Lillian, a UX/UI and Graphic Designer based in Sydney, with experience in delivering end-to-end design projects.


I love learning. I'm always looking for ways to challenge and improve myself. In the past 10 years, I have learned a lot of things, such as graphic design, TV production, philosophy, UX design, etc. I enjoy the learning process; it not only helps me to build up my skills but also helps me to view things from different perspectives and be able to see the 'big picture'.

I’m an aspiring minimalist. I enjoy pushing myself to understand what is really important and turn complex problems into simple solutions.

I love feedback and different opinions. I take them as adding value, as they help me to consider different perspectives and options, and achieve thorough thinking and better design. 

I love design, the art of creativity and innovation. I believe design can help the world to become a better place. I also love to help startups and non-profit organizations to realize their potential and make something remarkable.



I believe passion is important in all aspects of life. I believe that by following our passions, an individual will be closer to living a fulfilled life.

Innovation and creativity.

Isn’t it just amazing to make something remarkable and memorable?

Commitment and accountability.

I believe these are the key to collaborating with others. Only in this way can trust be built between family members, friends, and teammates.


Humility and respect.

Respecting others and listening to each others' feedback are both important to improve as a designer and also as a person.


My Clients

I helped with a wide range of clients across retail, education, exhibition and more.